Who gets to add Family Members:

  • Only accounts identified as “Family Administrators”, which in 99% of use cases are adult parent or guardians, will see the “Add Family Members” UX in the mobile app after logging in.
  • Adults added as a Family Member will not be given privileges to add additional people to the family. This role is internally referred to as a “non-privileged adult”.
  • Children who have logins will not be able to add Family Members to the family.

How to Add Family Members:

1) In the First Time User Experience (FTUE) for brand new users on the web.

2) In an Action Card that suggests they do it.

3) In the MORE tab, there’s an option called “Add Family Members”.

4) On the back of each of the user’s player cards, there’s a section that lists the names and email addresses of each Family Member, with an option to “ADD” more.

Rules for adding Family Members:

1) The app will scan your account and display names of any adults or children in your account that do not currently have both an email and password to the app (this scan will NOT return Emergency Contacts to invite, by design).

2) If a child returned has an email in the system that is not in use by anyone else on the account (such as their parent), that email will be displayed and pre-populated, to encourage to the user to use that email to invite.

3) If a child returned has an email in the system that is in use by anyone on the account, that email will not be displayed. If the inviter attempts to use an email that is found in our system, the app will return an error and not allow it.

4) If a parent returned has an email in the system that, that email will be displayed regardless of whether it’s in use by anyone else on the account. We believe his is a small use case, but we will likely adjust this in a future version of the mobile app to follow the same rules as the children.

5) If the user taps “Add Family Members” to add someone else, the system will allow any email to be used here, as we expect people with existing SIP or LA accounts to be invited.

The Warning Pop-Up

Once the user presses the “Send Invitations” button, a pop-up warning appears that serves 2 purposes:

1) Provides a legally required warning to parents about the dangers of children participating online. This is to satisfy COPPA (Chlid Online Privacy and Protection Act).

2) Provides a friendly reminder that we expect people to be civil when posting content. We expect the app will be mostly self-policing, as all family members will have their names associated with their player for all to see if someone is abusive.

Accepting an invitation:

1) All New users (users who have no existing account with SIP or LA based on the email) will be shown a form where they will:

  1. Change their pre-populated name (they may edit it, although we may decide in the future to not allow the prepopulated names that previously exist on the account – such as the children players – to edit their names to avoid corrupting the account/roster)
  2. View their email address (they may not edit this during the invitation process)
  3. create a password (must be at least 8 characters and include one letter and one number)
  4. indicate whether they wish to receive marketing emails
    1. This check box is defaulted ON for US users
    2. It’s defaulted NO for Canadian users to comply with Canada’s anti-spam law (CASL). The location is currently done via IP address detection of the device of the recipient.
    3. Invited children will NOT be given the marketing checkbox, as we do not plan to market to children.
  5. Optionally view the company privacy policy and terms and conditions (legal requirement of creating an account)
  6. See the company mailing address (required for Canadian users as a part of CASL)

2) Existing users

  • Existing LA user getting invited to ONLY a LA team AND Existing SIP user getting invited to ONLY a SIP team
    • Will get an “Accept Invitation” button that is clicked to complete the invitation process.
  • Existing SSU user getting invited to a LA team(s) OR Existing LA user getting invited to a SIP team(s)
    • Will be shown the web form that New Users get
    • Web form will have extra instructions on it that they are modifying their existing SIP or LA account
    • If the user enters a different password from their existing SIP or LA account password, that will overwrite and become their new SIP or LA password of record

  • Existing SIP AND LA user getting invited to a SIP or LA team
    • Will get an “Accept Invitation” button that is clicked to complete the invitation process.

3) Accepting an invitation will add you as a Family Members to ALL teams that the inviter has access to add you to as a Family Administrator.

  1. If an inviter is also a family member of another family with no admin rights to that family, any Family Members they invite will NOT be invited to that additional family.
  2. There is no UX in the app for managing these family associations. Any changes to the account must currently be done via their Account Settings pages on either the SIP or LA web pages.
  3. In the case of divorced families, where one parent may add their ex-spouse as a Family Member and only wants them to see specific children, they should add the ex-spouse to each applicable account via the web
    1. Alternatively, the parent can add the ex-spouse via the app, and the ex-spouse can only choose the kids/teams that apply to them via the App team/player selection flow during Onboarding.

After the Family Member accepts their invitation from an iOS or Android device...

  • If the user does not have the app installed, the invitation flow will redirect the user from their mobile browser to the App Store page of our app to download.
  • If the user does have the app installed, the flow will then open the app.

What can Family Members do or not do?

  1. In the SIP APP:
    1. Family Members will have the same experience in the app as Parents.
    2. They can update attendance (although they will not see Attendance Action Card reminders), post photos, comment, chat, update a live score during a game, etc.
    3. They will not inherit any Volunteer privileges that the Family Admin that invited them may have.
  2. In the Account Settings on the web:
    1. They may view the information on the entire account, but they may only modify their own data.
    2. They may not register anyone in the account for a team, including themselves.
  3. Will a Family Member Account ever be "Upgradeable" so that they can register?
    1. At this time, no, but we need to make this happen in the future to avoid people having to create new accounts to register for a league.