IMPORTANT: This article only applies to those creating Independent Teams through the Mobile App.
Helpful Tip: Do you already have an account? Click here.

Create an account:

  1. After opening the app, type in the email address you'd like to use as your login.
  2. If our system does not recognize your email, you will be asked to Create a New Team.
  3. If you are a Coach/Team Manager, and the team wasn't signed up using SSU Play or League Athletics, click Create a New Team again to proceed.
  4. Enter some basic information to create the account.
  5. Tap Create Account.
  6. Navigate on over to your mailbox, open the email we sent you, and click Confirm Email.
  7. Create a password.
    • Password must be 8 characters long, and have at least 1 letter and 1 number.
  8. Once complete, tap Set Password.