Items to note when adding Roster Photos:

  • This feature may be disabled for your team.  Click here for more information.
  • When finished adding your photos, you may need to close, then reopen the app in order to see your changes reflected.
  • You may experience intermittent issues when uploading photos via the app. If this problem persists, use the instructions below to upload images from your league account.

From the Mobile App:

  1. Tap My Teams.
  2. Swipe down to see all of your favorite teams listed at the top of the screen.
  3. Select the Team you wish to manage.
  4. Tap Roster.
  5. Tap on the Player Card you wish to manage.
  6. Tap the i icon, then the Pencil icon.
  7. Choose the photos from your Camera or Library.

From your League Account:

Using a SportsSignUp Play account:

  1. Login to your Team Website.
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen, click Roster.
  3. Click on the name of the player/volunteer for whom you would like to upload a photo.
  4. Select Upload.
  5. Upload an image, and adjust it to your liking.
  6. To complete the upload, select the icon in between the "" and "X" marks.

Using a League Athletics account:

  1. Login to your League Athletics team website.
  2. Select on the player/volunteer for whom you would like to upload a photo.
  3. Click the Picture Icon.
  4. Upload desired image.
  5. Once complete, scroll down and click Submit.

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