When deleting a team you've created, please note the following:

  • You will not be permitted to delete this Team if you are not following any other Teams in the SportsSignUp Play Mobile App.  Click here for more information on how to follow a Team associated with a league.
  • You will delete the Team from your account and the accounts of anyone that you have invited.
  • All data associated with this team, such as pictures and messages, will also be deleted.
  • Creating and deleting teams through the Mobile App is intended for Independent Teams only.

To Delete a Team:

  1. Tap My Teams.
  2. Swipe down to see all of your favorite teams listed at the top of the screen.
  3. Select the Team you wish to manage.
  4. To the right of the team you'd like to delete, tap the Gear Icon.
  5. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of your Team Settings and tap Delete Team.
  6. Tap Delete Team again to confirm that you would like to follow through with the deletion of the team.
  7. Tap Delete Team one more time if you're absolutely positive that you would like to delete the team.