Reasons you may not be receiving emails can include:

  • Emails have accidentally been flagged as Spam.
  • You are not a Family Administrator.
  • You have disabled email notifications on your account.
  • The mail server is rejecting the email from your league/team.

What Can you Do?

  1. Check your Spam or Junk Folder in your email.
  2. If you are a Family Administrator, Log into your SportsSignUp Play or League Athletics account on the web and ensure you have not 'Turned Off Communications' in your account settings.
  3. If you are a Family Member, request that a Family Administrator on your account grant to you family administrative privileges or to add your email address as an 'Alternate Email' to their profile.  This must be done by logging into the league account on the web.
  4. Contact Your League Administrator.  If the mail server is rejecting the email, they will need to contact Admin Support to investigate further.