NOTE: Digital Passes is a feature only available for participating clubs of the ENYYSA and LIJSL organizations.

Items to note when viewing Digital Passes:
  • You must be a Team Administrator.
  • The Team must be set to Active.
  • The Roster must be set to Approved.
  • If the field does not have service or wi-fi, it's alright! The app will cache your digital passes so that you may pull them up anytime.
  • Digital Passes show that a particular player/volunteer is eligible, eliminating the need for a paper pass. 
To View Digital Pass:
  1. Tap My Teams.
  2. Tap Roster.
  3. Tap the Player Pass icon.
  4. Tap on a volunteer/player pass. 
    • If the digital pass is green, it means that the player/volunteer is eligible. The digital pass will show the player ID, jersey number, player image, and division of the player/volunteer.